Objective: This study aimed to develop the application of egg yolk powder in the field of feed, functional food and biopharmaceuticals. Methods: Using fresh eggs as raw materials, yolk powder was prepared by spray drying, and the effects of different parameters on the content of yolk antibody (IgY), protein structure and functional properties of egg yolk powder were analyzed. Results: Considering the antibody content, physicochemical properties and functional properties of egg yolk powder comprehensively, when the inlet air temperature was 140 ℃ and the feed flow rate was 600 mL/h, the IgY content of egg yolk powder was 17.71 mg/g, and the solubility was 61.97% respectively. The powdery rate and water content was 36.46% and 3.8% respectively, and the surface hydrophobicity, water holding capacity and oil holding capacity was 106.67 μg, 3.63 g/g and 3.03 g/g respectively. The emulsifying property was 27.15%, and the emulsifying stability was 24.48%. The overall quality isoptimum. Conclusion: Changing the spray drying parameters can keep the structure of egg yolk powder intact and improve the physicochemical and functional properties of egg yolk powder, as well as ensure the high IgY content.

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