Objective: This study aimed to fully develop and utilize the resources of passion fruits. Methods: The volatile flavor compounds at different brewing stages were analyzed by GC-IMS technology. Results: A total of 63 kinds of flavor compounds were identified, including 26 kinds of esters, 10 kinds of alcohols, 9 kinds of aldehydes, 7 kinds of ketones, 6 kinds of alkanes, 2 kinds of acids, 2 kinds of furans and 1 kinds of ether. Principal components analysis (PCA) showed that the cumulative difference contribution rate of the first two principal components (PC1 and PC2) was 81.2%, indicating that the volatile flavor substances changed significantly during the brewing process. The differential metabolites with VIP > 1 obtained by orthogonal partial least squares-discriminant analysis (OPLS-DA) combined with the relative odor activity value (ROAV ≥ 1) suggested that the critical flavor substances contributing to the aroma of passion beer included hexyl acetate (apple, cherry flavor), isoamyl acetate (banana flavor), ethyl butyrate (banana, pineapple flavor), 1-penten-3-one, acetic acid isobutyl ester (floral), 3-methylbutyraldehyde (almond almond), ethyl 3-methylbutyrate (apple flavor) and dimethyl sulfide (seafood flavor). Conclusion: Passion beer is rich in nutrition and with unique flavor, and has broad prospects for future market.

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