Objective:This study aimed to investigate the effects of different concentrations of ozone fumigation on the texture and nutritional quality of post-harvestAgaricus bisporus during cool storage. Methods:‘A15’A. bisporus was treated with ozone gas with concentrations of 14.89, 29.77 and 44.65 mg/m3 respectively, and the changes in related indicators of each group during (1±1) ℃ storage were analyzed, such as sensory, texture and nutrition. Results:When stored for 8 days, 29.44 mg/m3 ozone fumigation treatments effectively maintained good springiness, cohesiveness and resilience, and delayed the decrease of the sensory quality, hardness, soluble solids, vitamin C and soluble protein content. Conclusion: The 29.77 mg/m3 ozone fumigation treatment ofA. bisporus can most effectively to maintain it storage with an extension to 8 days.

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