Objective:The effect of dried silver carp process on quality and safety was studied. Methods: Taking the fresh silver carp as the raw material, the curing concentration (NaCl), curing temperature, curing time, drying temperature and drying time as investigating factors, investigated the effects of different processing conditions on the rehydration rate, color, texture and AGEs formation. Results: The concentration of curing salt and drying temperature had significant effects on the sensory evaluation of dried fish products (P<0.05), and the optimal processing conditions obtained were curing concentration of 9%, curing temperature of 4 ℃, curing time of 3 h, drying temperature of 60 ℃ and drying time of 24 h. The alkanes, aromatic compounds and sulfur-containing organic compounds contributed most to the flavor of dried fish. The dried fish products with a curing concentration of 9%, curing temperature of 4 ℃, curing time of 3 h, and drying temperature of 60 ℃ had better retention of flavor substances. The samples became yellowish in color, less bright and harder, which was reflected in sensory changes as dried fish products with golden color, firm texture and non-flabby tissue. The content of carboxymethyl lysine (CML) and carboxyethyl lysine (CEL) increased with increasing salt content. However, the differences in CML and CEL of dried fish under 3% and 9% salt concentration curing were not significant. Conclusion: The dried fish products with curing concentration of 9%, curing temperature of 4 ℃, curing time of 3 h, drying temperature of 60 ℃ and drying time of 24 h are the optimal products. This study provides technical support for the processing and safety control of dried silver carp.

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