Objective: The effects of superfine chestnut powder on sponge cake quality was studied, aiming to provide a certain theoretical reference for improving the quality of bakery food. Methods: To explore the superfine chestnut powder adding amount on the sponge cake texture, sensory, baking, aging characteristics and nutritional quality, different contents of superfine chestnut powder were added during the making process of sponge cake. Results: The hardness, elasticity, chewiness and specific volume of cake had no significant change compared with the control group when chestnut powder was added less than 10%. The addition of chestnut powder could reduce the brightness and yellowness while increase the redness of the cake, and the effect on the color of the cake core was greater than that on the surface. Adding chestnut powder could reduce the cake bakingloss, aging enthalpy value and increase its nutritional quality. When the content of chestnut powder was 5%, the cake had the best color, shape, taste, hardness and overall preference. In general, the appropriate amount of superfine chestnut powder was 5%~10%. Conclusion: The addition of superfine chestnut powder endowed the sponge cake with better quality.

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